Admire Pallasite Peridot Earrings
set in sterling silver with surgical steel posts and backs
boxed as shown below

These beautiful peridot crystals formed billions of years ago, millions of miles from Earth, deep in the heart of a huge asteroid. Against unimaginable odds, massive collisions with other giant bodies in the Asteroid Belt freed remnants from the core-mantle boundary of this planetoid from their orbit between Mars and Jupiter and set them out on a new course toward the sun.

Unable to escape Earth's gravitational influence, they plunged into our atmosphere, survived the fiery passage and came to rest on United States soil in Admire, Kansas. Thousands of years passed without discovery. Just beneath the surface they laid hidden until a recovery expedition was mounted in 2006.

At first discovery, we were ecstatic to have found a pallasitic meteorite, considered to be one of the most desireable types in the meteorite world. Out of over 35,000 officially classified meteorites, only 64 pallasitic types contain crystal formations. While processing this remarkable find, we were expecting to find the typical internal characteristic of completely shattered crystal formations. But the Admire discovery was no ordinary pallasite.

Contained amongst the typical shattered crystals were exceptional gem-quality olivine crystals large enough to be expertly faceted into beautiful gemstones more commonly known as peridot. These gemstones, however, are not your everyday peridot.

Chatoyancy has been discovered in a handful of these gems, so that when properly fashioned into a cabochon, it's “Cat's Eye” phenomenon is shown. This is only known to peridot from the Admire Pallasite.

Now, after years of intense study, perfected extraction technique, processing, and consultation with expert gemologists and master cutters, these stones are becoming available to be owned and cherished by gemstone collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Imagine being able to own not only a beautiful gemstone, but a true rarity and piece of history, all within the same gem!

You have the opportunity to own this true marvel of science and nature that even some of the most significant worldwide gemstone collections do not contain!

The supply is very limited; therefore the total carat weight that will eventually be brought to market is very limited as well.

To quote G.I.A.'s Chief Gemologist John Koivula “To possess one of these beautiful rarities, you are basically wearing a part of creation around your neck when you're wearing this because this is the interior of a planet….”

The G.I.A. is able to confirm extraterrestrial peridot from that on Earth based on inclusions found within it.

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